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    10 Step Checklists For Small Business Website Redesign

    Is the whole task of website redesigning causing too much stress? If your answer is yes then rethink. It is not a heavy lifting task. Following this simple checklist of 10 steps to redesign your company’s website.

    1.    Ask yourself why do you want to redesign your website. We as a website redesign company get hundreds of queries where customers are not sure why they want to redesign their website or give us some vain reasons. So we do that task for them by asking the right questions that give them clarity and then we move ahead accordingly.

    2.    Analyze and audit your website. Check the pages which are redundant and see if you wish to add some more good info 

    3.    Analyze your customer's persona and change your website in a manner that caters to your customer's persona. Trust us if the potential customers do not get the vibe through your website it will not be easy to convert them as your customers let alone be regular customers.

    4.    Be clear in your customer's journey as a buyer. Do not overcrowd the decision-making stage. Ensure that you reach out to them during the consideration stage as well

    5.    Research about other sites whether competition or non-competition. This is a great way of knowing what is new in the market and what are people doing outside of your segment and is there any way you can include that in your website which vibes with your business vision and your customer's persona.

    6.    Nowadays there are hundreds of platforms for a website redesign. Go through the good and the best ones and see which one suffice your need. As the platform on which you create or redesign your website is the foundation of many features, you may be able to add to your website.

    • Be known with acronyms like CTA, CMS, COS. These terms will be used regularly while you get your website redesign through a website redesign company or DIY. Understand them for you take a better decision. 
    • For your reference, COS is a Content optimization system), CMS is a content management system.
    • Security should be of concern while deciding on which platform to redesign the website to ensure that the platform provides security from threats.
    • You need to consider the loading speed or time of the website page. Check what is the loading spend of the website age the platform offers and what weighs it down. Audit and analyze it before you make a decision. The loading time and speed will make all the difference in SEO and Google ranking. Only work with a platform that offers your optimal speed as per Google standard.

    7.    Mock-ups need to be checked before you decide on the website theme, layout, etc. Mockups are flat images that do not engage yet it gives an ample idea of how the website will look and feel.

    8.    Consider writing the content before you update the design. Many people and businesses sod the other way around which is a big NO. Writing content before the deigns to help the deigns to take forward the message of the content through its design and images.

    9.    Map out your website page's navigation. You can make a sketch or use a sticky note or online services if needed because mapping out the navigation is a crucial bit. If the navigation is not smooth or is abrupt the customer uses the track and quit. You do not want that to happen to you. After all, we all working towards earning more business and more revenue. Aren't we?

    10. Ensure while you are redesigning the website you update the images and graphics too. You can’t be using the same old image if you want your website to look revamped, fresh, and new. 

    Follow these checklists and Viola! Your website will be up and ready in no time. 

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