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    Difference between On-Page and Off-Page SEO

    On-Page SEO

    Search engine optimization is an integral part of today’s business. Customers are moving online for buying, searching, finding answers browsing, and entertainment, it has become crucial for brands to have a stating presence online. Therefore SEO strategy is an integral part of any marketing campaign of any business. SEO strategy can be divided into two parts: 

    1.    On-Page SEO – Focuses On What Is The Site About

    2.    Off-Page SEO – Focuses On The Authority Of The Site

    None is superior to the other, as both are crucial for the business. The On-page SEO determines what you rank for, while Off-Page SEO determines how high you rank during search results.

    To optimize the On-Page SEO following checklist needs to be considered:

    • Title tags: put the targeted keyword in the title tag
    • Headings: search engines give them more weightage so the targeted keyword in the heading can make the difference.
    • URL Structure: Putting keywords in the URL helps in finding the content easily for the crawler during search engine queries.
    • Alt Text for images: the crawler doesn’t understand the image but the content. Keywords and the right text can help you in search queries
    • Fast loading pages: Google search queries prefer the fast loading pages than the slow loading page
    • Mobile-friendliness: Mobile page loading speed is a ranking metric for Google search queries
    • Page Content: Google search queries measure the usefulness of the content page. 
    • Internal Linking: Linking internally to other ages help in search queries and more relevant information for the customer
    • Social tags: The social tags by the customers make the search crawler think that people find the content relevant.
    • Schema markup: Structured data helps Google to comprehend the data better. Schema vocabulary is preferred by Google
    • Core web vitals: Core web vitals are crucial signals for Google in terms of user experience.
    • Page experience: Google prioritizes websites with a positive user experience.

    To optimize the Off-Page SEO follow the below-mentioned checklist:

    • Inbound links
    • Social media marketing
    • Guest posting
    • Guest Blogging
    • Unlinked brand mentions
    • Influencer Marketing

    The major role is played by the quality backlinks to your website for Off-Page SEO

    As a business owner, you cannot choose between On-Page and Off-Page while talking about SEO services of SEO Company. Both are key metrics when it comes to search queries. They both work together hand-in-hand to improve your webpage ranking. However, if you are confused about which one should you focus on more, you should get a head start with On-Page SEO and then concentrate on the Off-Page SEO. On-Page SEO acts as a foundation to your building or the webpage while Off-page supports it from the outside. 

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