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    How an eCommerce SEO Company Will Increase Organic Sales On Your eCommerce Website

    Long gone are the days when consumers visited brick-and-mortar stores to find their needed products to shop. In this day and age of cutthroat competition, the options for customers are multifold. Each offer beats another in a way that customer wins. Everybody is in the race of being in front of the customer. Out of sight, out of mind the brands and the companies take the game seriously. It becomes necessary for you to be visible in the eyes of customers for them to know about you and be convinced on buying what you are offering. How do you think will it be possible? Yes, of course, you guessed it right. This can only happen when your online store or e-Commerce store flashes on the first page of Google search, which means it needs to rank higher. Keep in mind that around 49% to 50% of customers end up purchasing through the sites recommend on Google search. Now, since we have established that eCommerce SEO is a must for your e-Commerce store, let us get to the ‘how’ of it. For the eCommerce SEO, you should hire an eCommerce SEO Company as they understand the technicalities, and are aware of dos and don’ts for your online store to rank higher in the Google search. The e-Commerce SEO is a continuous process so you need to be on it, therefore, an expert or the company can have a dedicated person, as otherwise, the hard work will go in vain.

    These eCommerce SEO companies ensure that SEO is integrated during the eCommerce Website Development process, which helps in bringing organic traffic to your website. They keep the following in mind:

    • They use HTTPS, which is a sign of security not only considered positively by Google but also by your consumers.
    • They ensure that the eCommerce website development happens in a way that page load does not take much time. They do it by removing unnecessary JavaScript and CSS code and further optimizing the media and images.
    • They build backlinks, as backlinks are the foundation of SEO. They ensure that a good amount of quality backlinks are provided on your product page as that gives the likelihood of a better ranking on the Google search. 
    • They will help in writing meta descriptions that are apt to the SEO. Meta descriptions have keywords that help you rank higher in the relevant search queries.
    • They will ensure to add Alt tags. Alt tags are the text used to describe media or images on your page. As search engines do not and cannot crawl images, they look for the written language to understand the image. Now if the written language contains the keywords, which are apt to the search query, your page will be ranked higher in Google search.
    • They integrate social media into your website, this helps in bringing the traffic of the social media to your website.
    • They add the e-Commerce breadcrumbs to streamline the site structure. Google understands a flat site structure. The cleaner and easy to navigate gets the proper indexing, which results in better ranking.
    • They add sitemaps and robots .txt files. These sitemaps and robots.txt files help the Google crawler to search for index-worthy links and pages, which helps in better ranking. 

    By now we are clear how crucial it is to hire an expert eCommerce SEO Company for your eCommerce Website development. Your profits, your sales, and your business depend on it. DO not wait any longer. HOLLER US! Talk to our eCommerce SEO experts today. Call (312) 442-0352 or fill out the contact form.

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