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    How Can You Boost Your Blog and SEO Performance With Topical Authority?

    In this digital era, if ever we want to achieve one goal for our business, it is to be on top of the ladder, especially when it comes to Google ranking and SEO Services. With the ever-increasing competition, it has become tough to be topping the charts always. Most of us end up thinking Google showcases the relevant content when searched but does it? Yes, maybe initially it did but over time with technology and humans evolving don’t you think Google evolved too? Well, as much as keywords and backlinks were the preferred media to make you visible in Google search it seems to be a thing of passed or maybe not? Do not take us wrong. Of course, they are still the most crucial elements to rank you higher or better in SEO. However, it matters as to where are you using these keywords and backlinks, to and from? Yes, you got that. A topical authority is what matters now. What is the topical authority of the website or page or blog or space for Google to give them the preference over the rest? We have seen Page authority. We have seen Domain authority. Now, what is this Topical Authority? Wondering, are we?

    With relevant keywords on your blog page, you sure do get page authority. With many such pages on your website wins you the domain authority to a certain extent. But when your page or website is fit enough to answer the queries of the customer that is when Google gives you the topical authority. For all these years Google crawled on keywords and showed the relevant pages but then it figured, it is not precisely doing what customers want it to do, which is to send them answers to the questions they are seeking. That is when Google brought the update where it started to dive deep into the intent behind the search. Topical authority became the solution to the problem of relevancy. Now Google will give you the topical authority when you show it that you can single-handedly and holistically resolve the customer’s query as an expert. Great! Isn’t it? No? Do you find it tough? Makes your job even hard as a brand and a marketer to pursue customers? Never mind, we are here to help you build your topical authority. Or at least guide you in ways you can do it. We at Site It Now "Chicago SEO Services" will walk you down the ladder step by step.

    1.    Research your keywords: Gone are the days of plain method research of keywords like SEMrush. Now since Google treats every search as a question you better pull up your sock and put down all the relevant questions a customer may seek an answer for and accordingly research your keywords and use it in your fresh content or existing content. For the existing content ensure that your meta descriptions, title, headers tags, image title, alt text, etc. are good to go and are searchable when crawled. 

    2.    Keep a close eye on your competition: Do we not know, a step closer to success is to befriend your enemy, (read competition). The more you know about them the better you fare by using their strength and exploiting their weakness to assuage your authority. Keep your blogs and content updated. Do not keep them extra long or extra short. Try to give the in-depth knowledge which should answer the possible queries of the customers

    3.    Reach out to relevant people and pages: They have authority. If they link your page to their pages and content and vice versa it will give you an upper hand.

    4.    Create relevant links on your page or blog: Try and find link-worthy content and have it on your page. It is the oxygen that is, much needed in your SEO service strategy.

    5.    Long-tail keywords are a must and not to be forgotten: Do not forget the relevance and efficacy of the long tail keyword queries or searches. They are the high converting queries, for most of these queries are precise in nature and the customers know what they want and will go for it if shown the right result.

    6.    Minimize your bounce rate: Yes, that is the crucial bit You have only won half the battle if the bouncing rate of your page, blog, or content is high. Google determines the topical authority with the bounce rate. How long does the customer stay on your page? Do they explore your website or content? Or do they simply exit after the first page? All of that determines the topical authority. 

    7.    Increase your perceived relevance by pulling your customers into exploring your website or content even further, more like a rabbit hole. 

    To summarize it all, boosting your internal links, improving the relevancy of your keywords, lowering your bounce rate will ensure a better topical authority, which will, in turn, boost your blog, SEO performance, and subsequently the business. Well, now you know the tips and tricks of the trade of SEO and SEO Services. 

    Need more help or insight? Chicago SEO Services by Site It Now is always at your service. Let us get started. But before you go! Schedule Free Consultation

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