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    How Does SSL Encryption Benefits The Web Development?

    SSL is a Secure Sockets Layer of security that is applied to web pages and websites. Using the SSL layer of protection encrypts all data, which is sent from the site’s visitor browser to the server that hosts the website. A survey was done in the year 2017 according to which around 60% of the SSL-protected websites were safe with their SSL Management efforts. It makes sense to switch to SSL and gain from its many benefits. SSL works by encrypting and decrypting the data packets between the two servers. The data can also include the password, username, browsing history, Credit card details, etc. Adding to the latest SSL is the TLS acronym for Transport Layer Security. TLS is considered to be the successor of SSL. SSL Encryption helps web development in various ways.

    • It benchmarks your website: For SME’s, small businesses, and medium-size businesses having an SSL certificate only depicts the customer the seriousness of the business and the security of their customer. 
    • It benefits in SEO: SSL certificate benefits in the SEO results as Goggle rewards the SSL certificate website by pushing the ranking of HTTPS web pages much higher in the SEO and Search Engine Results. Google does not consider any page with HTTPS but without an SSL certificate trustworthy. Besides benefits is you can focus your marketing campaign more with SSL And HTTPS as they tell you the origin of the footprints which means it tells you where the maximum traffic is coming from.
    • It makes your business website look trustworthy: Trust is all it takes for a business to grow further, If the potential customer can trust your website or webpage which means they trust your business and may become a customer from a prospect. SSL certificate develops that trust as it shows how serious you are in preserving your customer's security. It makes you look like the real deal with who transaction can happen. 
    • Laser focus marketing campaign: SSL with HTTPS helps you build trust, rank higher in SEO but also helps in preserving your traffic data and gives you the insight of the maximum traffic coming from where in terms of the city, area, etc. This data can be used to focus your marketing campaigns in the future and gain the maximum ROI-Return Of Investment

    With so many benefits it is high time that you switch to SSL if you haven’t yet. SSL certificates for HTTPS are crucial. Therefore it's important a security strategy that includes SSL, as it acts as overall protection to fight any intrusion for the third party., secures the transfer of data by encrypting and decrypting, helps in the SEO, build the trust of the consumer, and benchmarks your website. 

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