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    How To Create The Perfect Gated Content That Prompts People To Opt Into Your Lead Generation Efforts

    Lead Generation

    Any kind of content that people may access in return for their contact information is referred to as "gated content." They frequently provide their identity and email. As opposed to simply asking for their email or pitching your product, this is a rather straightforward strategy for getting more leads because you're delivering something valuable that the customer needs. Any marketing strategy for a firm must include content. It educates your target audience on your products and services, creates your messaging, and brings attention to your funnel.

    A survey found that 80% of SEO content marketers' primary objective is lead creation. So how can you use content to create leads? Although there are several approaches, content gating is one of the more successful ones.

    There are several types of gated material, including workbooks, eBooks, webinars, and videos. Using this approach, you can choose the right kind of content to produce and learn how to do it in a way that offers value and advances your lead generation objectives.

    Seven ways to Gated content creation

    Use these tips if you're ready to increase your lead generation using gated content.

    1. Select the appropriate material: Someone has to be interested in what you're selling for them to provide their personal information. Examine the traffic on your blog and website content, audience and customer behavior, and even the competition's resources to determine what your current customers or clients value the most.
    2. Establish the stage of the funnel: Determine the stage of the funnel that this gated content is aimed at. You'll probably have selections at some point that fit into each stage. For instance, a case study would probably go anywhere in the middle or bottom of the content marketing funnel because somebody downloading a case study is more likely to be in the assessment or intent stage than the awareness stage.
    3. Make a compelling landing page: Both the form to request it and the content the visitor needs to determine whether to download it are described on your landing page. You need a great hook, captivating language, and very minimal clutter on your landing page to optimize it for conversions. This will persuade the user to submit the form.
    4. Deliver on your commitment: If the customer doesn't receive what they were assured, your brand suffers more than it gains. Consider this: if a customer fills out a form expecting to receive an exhaustive guide on a subject only to discover that it isn't, you have now lost their trust, and whatever nurturing strategies you had planned will not be effective.
    5. A page expressing thanks: The most crucial step in the lead-generation process is, of course, the page to which the user is routed after submitting the form. The user is given instructions on what to do next, such as checking their mailbox, on this page, which either has a button to download the PDF or media file. To further qualify and engage your lead, you can even place a supplementary, lower-funnel offer on your thank you page.
    6. Nurture your leads: This is a crucial component since you need to present your offer to your prospects as soon as you receive it. This might take the form of developing a nurturing flow that provides value and educates them about what you have to offer for a certain duration depending on your product and sales process.
    7. Evaluation and iteration: Your gated content approach has to be perfected and optimized for the greatest outcomes, just like anything else in search engine Marketing or internet marketing. Utilize information from CRM, Google Analytics, and marketing automation tools to gauge the campaign's effectiveness before using that information to develop gated content that performs even better.

    Follow these tips to ensure the best results. If you need help with your local SEO, search engine optimization, lead generation, or any other form of online marketing, call us at 312.442.0352 or email us at Contact@siteitnow.com today!