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    How to find the best SEO company?

    Choosing an SEO agency for your business is a tough nut to crack. Gets tougher when you are looking for a local SEO Company. But the question is why local? What do you stay in Alabama but the company that fits your bill in providing SEO services in Chicago? Should you consider it, should you not? Oh!  many questions, and so much confusion. Don't you fret; we have done the homework for you. SEO Company Chicago - SITE IT NOW caters to all such needs. Before we let you dive into our guide we want to tell you this, always consider the SEO Company as an extension of your business and team. Ensure that they fit right in, understand your goals and visions, and most importantly they get along with you and the team, the conversation is going to be never-ending. Oh yes, may even feel like an alternative relationship. Take our words for that.

    Anyway, let us get to the point and help you with the elements, which you need to consider for finding the best SEO Company.

    1.    Take a good look at the company’s experience, specialties, and services. Be direct in asking whether they specialize in any particular service, industry, or specific location? Do they extend the services apart from SEO? While you ask these questions do not forget to go through their website and keep a special eye for the awards, certifications, and recognition they have achieved, if any.

    2.    Check out their customer reviews and references. SEO otherwise is a subjective service, however, it does matter what the past customer have to say about them. Try and look for the Google reviews, Facebook reviews, and review son sites like clutch, etc. Ask them the references and go and talk to these references and see what they have to say about the SEO company you are considering hiring. After this research asks yourself what is it that you liked about this SEO Company? What one thing they need to better? What is their strength in soft skills and deliveries like a team, relationship, communication, understanding, deadline adherence, commitment, etc.? 

    3.    Take a deep dive into their case studies and portfolio. This step is important. You need to go through almost all of the case studies provided and with focus. This will give clarity on how they work, how much they perceive, whether they offer more services than SEO, etc. Ask them to send you the case studies of a minimum of 5 brands. Ask them if they can help you with other services like PPC, Social media handling, etc.?

    4.    Deep dive into the team and the work ethics. Go to LinkedIn and gather all the information you can get on the company, and the team members. Now, more than often it happens that you may be well connected with somebody who knows their team member or them or any of the person working there. Now that makes your life easy. You can talk to your contact and take the direct feedback, or find out further. Every SEO Company has its ethics and rules to follow. SEO Chicago - We put one person in charge of one brand where they act as the project lead. You need to figure out the firm you are considering and see if their work ethic aligns with your business. Ask them if they will give you a dedicated person for your account? Be open in asking their core values and if they follow any SEO Code ethics. You can also follow them on their social media and go to their website and read their blog. You will get a fair enough idea of how the company operates and works. 

    5.    Get the detailing of their fees with regards to services they will provide and also the contract. Ask them about the detailed structure of their fees charged. Whether it is a month on month or quarterly or annually? What is the procedure they follow if you need to cancel the contract in the future? 

    6.    Haven’t we heard the sib stories of bad experiences with the client and the SEO Firms where once the client canceled the contract the SEO firm did not give them any data and the ownership of the social media pages and the website? Ensure that all of it is put in black and white in the contract, like a pre-nuptial contract.

    Better safe than sorry!

    Now you know what things to consider. However, the things which you need to avoid doing is, do not to get into the black hat trap, or fall for shiny presentation, or cheap services provided by a local agency.  

    Wherever you are SEO Service Chicago - SITE IT NOW can come in handy in resolving your issues by fitting right in.