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    How to find the best Shopify website design services?

    Isn’t it better to get your work done rather doing yourself? With such a fast-paced life we lead, twenty-four hours do not seem enough, and within that time interval, we need to live the whole life which includes routine tasks like buying groceries, taking out the dog for a walk, laundry, and for many of us creating an online store. So much to do, so little time. How about hiring people to do your hard work instead, while you can utilize your time constructively, focusing on more crucial tasks on the list, or even better get a day off and relax. To set up your online stores Shopify offers you a range of themes to customize from, however, doing it yourself may get taxing and take the focus out of our important task. Therefore, we suggest you hire a Shopify website design company. As they can help you with better options such as Shopify plus which has a better dashboard and tools for your business. To hire the best Shopify website design services company for setting up your Shopify online store, you need to consider the following:

    1. The cost involved in building a Shopify website: 

    This element consists of various costs in the form of a Shopify plan, which one needs to pay to use the platform of Shopify. There is a free trial option but as there are no free lunches, thus, the free trials come with the cost involved for later. Shopify themes will be another cost that you need to consider. Shopify Apps is yet another tool helpful for your business, especially with the increase of mobile phones being used for online shopping. As per the survey, today's customers use mobile phones for online shopping 70% of the time than any other device. Hence, your business should have a mobile app for your online store. 

    2.  How much does the expert cost:

    To hire a Shopify website design company that has expertise in setting up Shopify online store you need to ask for their charges. These charges are over and above the cost, you will pay for using the platform of Shopify.

    3. Understand the knowledge and the work experience of the company with regards to setting up online stores on Shopify:

    Check their references, case studies, check the websites they have developed, how user-friendly it is, how cluttered or de-cluttered it is. Check whether they will be able to meet your requirements and goals. 

    4. Vet their portfolio:

    Checking and going through the portfolio is not enough anymore. For you to find the right expert to set up your online store on Shopify you need to vet their work. If possible, take a service trial. Give them a sample task and see how they work, and further decide accordingly.

    5. Reviews:

    In today's day and age reviews, whether online or offline, makes a huge difference. Reviews are proof that work has been done and clients or customers are either happy or unhappy with the services offered by the company. Check the reviews thoroughly. Also, ensure to ask the company you are considering hiring, “Tell us your bad or worst experience working with the customer for setting up an online store on Shopify. And tell us the reason why do you consider it as your worst experience.’ Most of the company's pitching prefer to talk about their success and strength, but their struggles will let you know how they manage and re-strategize to work according to the customer's needs and goals. 

    All in all, Shopify stores are not that hard to build, however, doing it yourself will mean wasting a huge amount of time, and effort. Hiring an expert reduces the effort and the time, and has a better chance of a working, smooth website. What are you waiting for? Talk to our Shopify website design experts today! We are available on email Contact@siteitnow.com, website chat, and phone (312) 442-0352