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    How To Generate Leads For Your Real Estate Business?

    real estate lead generation

    Gone are the days when the way of lead generation was knocking door to door and cold calling. In this day and era, where technology has dominated most of our lives, where the power of decision and money lies with the Millennial, a generation known for its instant world of social media where they create and procreate, exposure to the globalization into glocalization, privacy being their highest demand, how do you think a well-rested cold calling, and intruding in their privacy of door knocking will ever work? Changing times demand pivot in the process of work. To attract the new set of consumers in the form of Millennials the Real Estate Business need the following Must-Haves, Nice-to-Haves tricks in their pockets.

    • Set of existing customer

    These customers are your walking referrals and stamped reviews. A good existing customer list will mean better opportunities in reaching out to their knows and relatives as potential customers or buyers.

    • Referrals

    This is the best way to generate lead and convert them in entirety. Referrals happen when consumers or customers have trust in your product and services for them to open their acquaintance's window for you to reach out. This window is precious for it open with the most sought-after ingredient called Trust. Thus trust plays a major role in converting the lead. The chances of converting the leads are around 55 to 75% more in the case of referrals.

    • Active Online Presence through the website and social media

    As a realtor, the brand needs to be active online through various social media presence and the crucial of all is the websites of their own. Today, the first thing a potential consumer after seeing a brand's ad does is, goes online to check the brand's website and social media pages. It gives them a sense of security to see the brand's online presence. This generation cannot be attracted with no or a rare digital footprint as to them you are a ghost, which may be known, yet does not exist. To develop a certain kind of reliability and trust brands need to have their strong digital footprints., in the form of the website and other social media pages.  Hiring a web design agency is a step towards an online presence. Through these footprints brands need to ensure that they engage their audience daily by letting them know about the new plans, projects, educating them on new technology, the eco-friendly ways the brand is adhering to. This will ensure a great result in long run. 

    • Online brand Image

    Online presence should also echo and be accompanied by the positive image of the brand, otherwise, it will only harm the lead generation process let alone be conversion. The brand needs to ensure that they sanitize their image now and then for a better result.

    • Virtual home tours and housewarming through video or live streaming

    Grab your potential customers by throwing a virtual housewarming. This will ensure a good presence while keeping the social distancing. While enjoying they will get an opportunity to look around the house, which you have created. The aesthetics and the detailing, The new technology, and features used, and safety measures are taken.

    • Google Ranking and SEO

    If the basic search keywords do not pop your brand's name in the first age amongst the top 5 list the chances of your website getting hot on is less. Online audiences today do not have the patience to scroll down the pages or go to the next page to check out the websites and the name popped up after a search. Around 80% leave the page after engaging in the first two to three websites. TO generate more leads the brand needs to better their Google ranking and SEO.  They can follow through one step at a time by PPC, local search ads or take a whole SEM concept, which includes all these services. Taking support of SEO services will ensure a better result.

    • Engaging audience through brand’s social media

    An active social media presence will ensure a better reach and a daily reach. A brand should have a social media strategy in place that will help in engaging with their audience through various discounts, offers, eye catchy content, engaging quizzes while educating them on things to look for while buying a house, and other technological advancements the industry is getting into. Social media ads are crucial in reaching out to the bigger audience.

    • Online promotions

    Promote your post on Google and respective social, media through banner ads, PPC, Google Ads. It is a great way in generating leads. Keep the targeted audience in the filter to ensure the post reaches the brands TG

    • Collaboration with other brands

    Collaborating with insurance companies, banks, restaurants, cross-promotion through various high-end brands will ensure their customers know about you.

    • Blogging 

    Today's customer looks for the value in the product. They prefer to educate don things than a simple promotion. Education over-promotion is the theme to attract such customers. Educate them through blogs, video content about the how’s, why’s, when’s, what’s of owning a house.

    • Local community Pages, Quora and Linkedin Groups

    Being present on the local community pages, a LinkedIn group where most of the audience of the target groups arrives is a great way to generate leads. Being active on Quora answering questions on real estate issues faced by customers, and other queries is a great way to reach out to the audience while developing a subtle trust.

    • Influencer Marketing

    The generation today follows many influencers on various social media platforms. They trust their advice, instinct and have a certain kind of liking towards them and their content. Promoting the brand through such influencers is an endorsement by them, which instantly hit the audience's nerve for them to check out about the brand. These influencers have followers in thousands and millions. Promoting the brand instantly cash in their followers. 

    Whatever method you like to go ahead with the only way to win and sustain a customer is “Best Service”. This ensures reliability and trust towards your business, which goes a long way to make it a thriving success. Referrals and reviews, word of mouth will fall into your kitty, ‘without much ado’!