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    How to prepare your SEO for the rise of voice search

    Voice search is a technology that enables the users to search something on the internet by speaking it aloud, rather than typing it. We can safely say that voice search is the new big thing, or probably it is not even new anymore. Voice search is not restricted to mobile phones anymore. It is widely used in desktops as well as in smart speakers. The basic reasons for the increase in the usage of voice search are:

    • Convenience: No typing required 
    • Speed: Speaking is faster than typing
    • Accuracy: No mistakes made while speaking as compared to typing

    It has been found out that by 2020, almost half of the search done on the internet would be through voice search. The results are different for a typed search as compared to a voice search, and as a result, it is very important for the businesses to manage their SEO accordingly in order to be visible on the search engines. Let us look at some factors that should be considered while preparing your SEO for voice search. 

    Voice search uses long tail keywords

    When people search through voice search, they tend to use longer sentences as compared to searching by typing just a few keywords. The search is more conversational in nature as if they are actually speaking to someone. Usually, it is done in the form of a question related to the business. Thus it is important to focus on the long tail keywords, and understand what question the user would ask pertaining to your business. 

    The SEO keywords should also focus on the words that are usually asked in questions, such as- what, when, which, where, and how. The language used in the content on your page should also be more conversational in nature. 

    Understanding the user intent

    Because voice search is very conversational and informal, the intent behind that search is not always very clear, and a thorough analysis needs to be done for the same. Thus, it is important to understand that intent and prepare your SEO Services accordingly, so that the relevant pages can be displayed for the user. Google introduced the Hummingbird update for the same reason, and it eased out the process of understanding user intent substantially. 

    Managing the page speed 

    It has been observed that people using voice search are usually in a hurry, and thus they do not have the patience to go through a website or page that loads slowly. Thus, the probability of your website page appearing in voice search results also depends greatly on the speed at which your page loads. Moreover, most of the voice search is done through mobiles as compared to desktops, and thus it is important that your website has a mobile version that loads at a good speed and is user friendly. 

    Voice search for ‘near me’ searches

    A general trend seen is that users use voice search frequently for ‘near me’ searches to find the places close to them or for some information around them. This could be for restaurants, places to visit, medical help, hotels, shopping, fuel stations, or anything else. 

    Thus, in order to ensure that your business web page lands at the top of these searches, it is important to ensure that the business details mentioned on the page are up to date, contact details are correct, and operating hours are mentioned. Also, it is a good idea to include some offers, news, or special deals so that your page can stand out in the voice search. 

    Consumer behavior changes constantly and it is important to optimize your website accordingly from time to time. Voice search is still in the development stage and has a huge potential to grow. In the coming years, voice search is expected to become more inclusive, smart, and precise due to the understanding of different dialects and understanding, and as a result, the usage of voice search is expected to grow substantially. 

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