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    How To Setup a Results Oriented Google Adwords Campaign?

    Launching a campaign especially when it is a Google Adwords campaign can be a roller coaster ride of emotions filled with fear, excitement, hope, and anxiety right before one clicks the go button. Now, if you are a newbie in the process and this is your first one or one of those ‘hard to crack’ moments for Google ads do not fret, we will guide you step by step to get started and ensure you while you spend some money for it its worth it, by collecting a hundred times more in your bank account. Things you need to consider while setting up a results-oriented Google Adwords campaign are mentioned below:

    1.    Is your product or service in demand? Are customers searching for it? It is simple even if you put the best of the campaign with a good budget yet if the customers do not search for the products and services offered by you or in the same business line there is no point. So before you get it started check whether people search for the line of your product or service. Now Google offers a keywords planner which helps you identify the words related to your service, which are mostly searched by the customer or your target audience.

    2.    Now even if you figure out the keywords you need to check whether you can buy them or afford them, as the most searchable keywords will be expensive. Check if you can afford to advertise with these top keywords. You can calculate the cost per click and figure this out.

    3.    By this time you already have the keyword list you want to target but you would want to reduce the risk by checking what the competition is up to. The competition has already been in the market and has optimized their campaign by trial and error and therefore they have the keywords, which work for your business line. Wouldn’t it be great if you can simply hack them all and use them? Well, let’s not go illegal and rather take the help of various tools available in the market like keyword spy or other competition analysis tools for this purpose.

    4.    Now that keywords are sorted you need to leverage your brand's USP. Whatever businesses you are into we are sure it already has an industry. You need to let the customer know-how are different from the rest. Now, this can be easily explained by this example: Remember how in the Pizza industry Domino’s took over the market by their Google ads and pay per click campaign ’30 minutes delivery’. Now that is where they were differentiated. We all when hungry want the delivery to be fast Dominos say order Pizza from Dominos and we guarantee delivery within 30 minutes if not then your Pizza is on the house. A strong USP based campaign can change the whole game

    5.    While you are creating a Google ad campaign ensure that your ads have an irresistible offer. Taking the Pizza option how would you like it: if the ad says buy 2 double cheese bursts and get 1 pizza with Pepsi free. And then add a call to action. BUY now offer expires within 10 minutes. Now that is a string call hungry people would not want to miss that opportunity by exploring more.

    6.    Now that we have reached the point of creating ads ensure that your headline has a subset of 2 crisp descriptions. For example: for the keyword ‘pizza’ you can have a linkable heading.


    Guaranteed Delivery in 30 minutes or FREE

    Call Us NOW

    In this ad, you need to have a hyperlink on FRESH HOT PIZZA

    7.    Ensure you use landing pages, which are relevant to the call to action. In this ad:


    Guaranteed Delivery in 30 minutes or FREE

    Call Us NOW

    If the link on FRESH Hot PIZZA doesn’t land to the PIZAA options and or menu of PIZZA the customer won't take much time to exit and go to your competition. You need to ensure that today's customers do not have patience for much manual work.

    8.    Now that you are all set to create your campaign you need to ensure that your conversion-tracking toggle is on. This is the key step, without this you won’t know which keyword is working for your business and which is not. The ones, which do not work for you, can be put in the negative keywords. Also while you are at it you know the match type. Broad match type is impressionable so for the first-timers it is better to start with broad match type for a few weeks, and then later you can refine it with the keywords which work for you or which performed better and then put it to exact or phrase mode. This way you won't waste money on irrelevant clicks.

    9.    Now the last step is bidding and then you enable your campaign and it goes live post the Google approval. However, your job has just begun. Now you have to be on top of your game by checking which keywords work and which don’t and then change the bidding per keyword to optimize the campaign. This helps in optimizing the campaign and making it more profitable.

    Now you know the tricks of the business let's get started. Still, need help? Call us or email us. Speak With Pay Per Click Expert