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    How To Setup an Online Store With WooCommerce?

    It doesn’t matter whether you work on WordPress for your website or another platform. What matters is how you set it up. What kind of plugins help you to make your website into an online store. Did we hear WooCommerce? Oh! Our audience is smart. But you want to know a little more about it to figure things out? Oh, we hear you! Let's get you a WooCommerce expert developer from WooCommerce Development Company in Chicago to throw more light on how to set up an online store with WooCommerce.

    Auli Schaeffer who is a WooCommerce developer has been a WooCommerce expert for more than a decade. He says ‘WooCommerce is a free plugin that is easy to use and can easily turn your WordPress site into an online store. What you need to do is get in touch with the WordPress WooCommerce developer and Voila! Your website turns into an online store in no time. The steps which you need to follow to make your website into an eCommerce is:

    • Hire a WooCommerce development agency. Oh yes, that’s the first step! 

    Alright, let’s get to the point that amusing you. So the steps are:

    • Get a domain name and host your website and then install WordPress for your website. However, if your website is already up and running then you need to skip all these steps and get to installing the WooCommerce plugin.
    • Now activate the plugin and then store the details asked on the plugin page and click on continue.
    • Now on the second-page select the industry of your business and then the product types on the same page or second page.
    • Once you are done with selecting the industry and product type enter tour business details on the next page.
    • Now as far as a theme is concerned it can take the WordPress default theme or you can set up a theme according to your choice.
    • Once you are done finishing these steps your setup is done.
    • Now what you need to do is add products and then set up payments and further personalize your store.
    • With all the major part is finished comes the crucial part of payment setup choose the ones you would want and works in your country there are many options. Activate a few all or one of them at least.
    • You need to understand the Tax system of the country too now since you have decided to engage in a monetary transaction through your online store.
    • Don’t stress over tax as WooCommerce and WooCommerce custom development takes care of it for you. Just go to the settings and then to general and enable the tax and calculation box post which you will have to mention the currency option form where you are.
    • Once the payment and tax are set up do not forget the shipping part. After the entire product, you will be selling to your esteemed customer should reach them too. You don’t want them to get annoyed and lose potential customers. For shipping again go to WooCommerce -> Setting-> Shipping and fill in the details you think you want. It's self-explanatory. WooCommerce development services by SITE IT NOW can help you in that if you have an issue. understanding some terms. Though all the definitions are mentioned there.
    • Now that you have all the crucial jobs done you need to get your mind working and hand dirty by building your store pages. Home page, about page, contact page, faqs, Privacy Policy, and blog.
    • Do not forget to add products to the product page. After all, what’s the online store worth if you do not have a product to showcase. The customer won’t buy the grey empty image. Will they? To add products, go to WooCommerce->Add Products->template. Fill in the requirement. Upload good sharp pictures of your product, Set up the price, and use meta tags with the short description, mentioning the category and product tags about the products you are showcasing and selling through your inline store.
    • Seems like you have finished major art of your work by now. So let's ensure that the whole navigation is easy for customers to sail through and explore more and more on your website. User experience counts for making the potential customer into an existing one and retaining them further.
    • Now ensure that your Shop Page and Add to Cart Page are changed to how you want them to look. The readymade templates can be sued or if you wish to customize, you can do that too.
    • After this set up your checkout page.
    • Now you are almost done what you can do is add the WooCommerce extensions, which are paid and free for both. Depending on your budget and requirement you can pick the one as per your need.

    You are all set to sell now. The online store is up and running. Go let your target audience and potential customers know that they can directly buy on your website. Congratulations on your online store!

    Do we get some free products for helping you there? Did you say yes? Oh! No, it was. Never mind, we are happy we could be of help to you. A discount coupon would work too, though. Just saying!

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