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    Things to Consider Before Finalizing a Branding Agency

    To cure an illness, we need an expert in the form of a doctor, to file a court case we need an expert in the form of a lawyer, to audit a firm we need exerts in the form of CPA, and to promote a brand we need experts in the form of marketer or branding agency. Everything in this world from product to services, from tangent to in tangent, needs promotion. Without promotion what is the worth of a product, service, person, or institution? Zilch. Isn’t it?  Marketers of the branding agency ensure that the public and the world know the worth of the brand. These experts provide branding solutions in the form of strategy for a successful branding campaign and brand image. Now they have various ways of doing it and various mediums too from ATL like print, radio, TVC, outdoor hoardings to BTL like events, exhibition, market activation, public relations, and online marketing. Numerous ways they use in their strategy for subtle and not so subtle brand recall, brand recognition and awareness, brand launch, and brand image. But the question is how does one choose a good branding agency? How does a good branding company different from the rest? What things to consider before one finalizes a branding agency? Your mind will blow out with so many questions popping in your head. Don’t do that to yourself. We are here to take you down and up the ladder to ensure all your questions are unanswered and the only guide you will ever need is this blog to decide on the basics and advance criteria of selecting a branding agency.

    Whenever in dilemma between selecting one branding agency from the rest of the ten(s) take note of these pointers:

    • Do they have diverse Portfolios? If the answer is yes, they have brownie points. A diverse portfolio means they have experience in handling clients from one vertical to another with various themes, colors, missions, and visions they have been working with these brands to attain their goals and objectives. They will do good for your brand too.
    • Do they have a local office or a local team? Well in the times if COVID offices are shut, and people are working from home so even if they do not have a local office see if they have a local team to take care of your business.
    • What does their credential say? Check out minutely. Check if they give you good case studies in their credentials for you to read and go through it. Credentials in the form of case studies speak for themselves. The more the merrier. This will give an insight into what kind of problems they faced while promoting a brand and how creatively they resolved it. What all-innovative measure did they take? Were they creatively simple or were they boastfully loud and expensive? What type will align with your brand: Creatively simple, or boastfully loud? The former the better, which means creatively simple work will ensure your brand, is well taken care of without much expense.
    • Do they have long-term and short-term strategies for your brand? While they pitch and submit a branding proposal check what are the strategy they took upon. What model of marketing do they tilt towards? Will it be effective for your brand? 
    • Do they have a digital wing? This is one of the crucial questions you need to ask them and yourself. In the times of Pandemic, everything has shifted online, from retails to marketing, from shopping to experiencing. If the branding agency is capable enough to handle your brand with 360-degree offering and with long terms and short terms strategy, well, do we need to say more? Of course! You got it. 
    • What are their team strength and the cost of retainers? Well after all you need to check your budget and see if the branding company pitching aligns with it or not. Do they have enough people to take care of your brand on a 360-degree platform, which means a lead from the digital wing, a lead from their ATL, BTL, and PR division? If not and yet you like them go for one vertical than giving them the whole responsibility. 
    • Do they have a well-defined branding Process? Ask them if they can show how they will manage to differentiate your brand from the competition. The whole difference is the process. Without the process, they may have a few good campaigns just because they got lucky, but a well-defined process of a branding company ensures they do their research and work step by step to take the brand image up the ladder.

    If the answer to all the questions is ‘yes’, well you know it. There is nothing that should stop you from retaining them as your branding agency. 

    Well, SITE IT NOW a branding agency in Chicago is always there at your doorstep to offer you branding solutions apt for your brand. Whatever you decide on, ensure that the branding agency is creative enough to not make you feel heavy in your pocket. Schedule Free Consultation