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    What Is Bing Places For Business or Google My Business And Why They Are Important?

    If you are into business, it becomes crucial for you to be present online for people to search your business. Now when we think of searching your business or brand the first thing, which comes to our mind, is Search Engine Optimization, SEO. Of course, the relevance of SEO cannot be shadowed. However, for your business to be searched locally or anywhere your business must be listed online. We know about Google and Bing as Search engines and various products they offer us to boost our online presence. Out of those various products, Google and Bing have the names of the products ‘Google My Business’ and ‘Bing Places for Business. These products are our platform where any business can list themselves as a local business listing to boost the business. Now listing your business on these platforms will ensure that your business appears on Google search and Bing search with Google Maps and Bing Maps on the desktop which will include website, opening hours, address, phone number. Now the listing helps Google and Bing understand more about your business, which helps them further rank your business in a better position. Through the listing on Google My Business and Bing Places For Business, you will be able to upload images, share social media links. Plus, once your listing is verified, you can get data analysis like searching impression, as to the frequency of your listing appeared during Google or Bing search.

    These are enough for your business to be listed online on Google My Business and Bing Places For Business. Let us also mention a few more reasons as to what makes these two products Google My Business and Bing Places For Business important.

    • These platforms offer businesses to rank better which in turn boost the business
    • They ensure that the address of the business of which they map it on their respective Google maps and Bing maps. This integration makes the business searchable with a direction map. It makes your business legit
    • These platforms ensure that the business number is reflected and is verified, which allows customers to call and check
    • These two platforms ensure that the opening time and closing time of the business are mentioned including the working days and off days. These details help the customer to know about the office timing without searching much or taking the pain of calling the office.
    • They help in local SEO ranking which gives a major boost to the business
    • These platforms also reflect the customer reviews about the business which gives social credibility to your business
    • Businesses get the opportunity to talk more about themselves through uploading pictures and writing about them in a succinct description. It helps the customer to know more about your business while browsing
    • Millions of people go on Google and Bing to search and browse about brands and businesses. Listing your business on these platforms will ensure better visibility and eyeballs, which otherwise the business may lose on.

    Post pandemic era is turning digital and therefore the customers would rather search the business online than call or visit. They would want to know the credibility beforehand. Platforms like Google My Business and Bing Places For Business help the business in that making the customer's life easy and helping the business to grow. Even though the listing is free, Site It Now a Chicago web design company can help you with the steps and take care of your listing and SEO. If you have a business small or big, startup or well established, and if you have not yet listed yourself on these platforms, leave everything and go get your business listed to enjoy the maximum benefit of the online presence and credibility which these platforms offer as an approval to your business. Experts from SITE IT NOW "Chicago Web design" will assist you further in the process. Do not miss out on this opportunity, if anything COVID has made us understand the cliche opportunities when arrive, should be seized otherwise it may get lost forever, for there won't be the next time.