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    What Is Influencer Marketing?

    A lot of buzzes have been around the term Influencer Marketing. Brands prefer it to traditional marketing and the increase in the budget allocation for Influencer Marketing has extensively increased in the past years. As much as we would want to believe it is a simple term and take it literally we would want you to ponder and dive a little deep to understand the term and the benefits it can provide to your business of known better. Influencer marketing as the term represents is marketing done by influencers. Now, who are these influencers? Are they some sort of celebrities, big or small screen r models? Well, we will get to that in a bit. Coming to Influencer marketing. It is hybrid marketing, which imbibes the idea of celebrity endorsements but in a new way and places it with the modern era of content-driven marketing and campaigns. Here the celebrities hired are not exactly celebrities they are from modeling careers or movies or small screen stars, these are the called influencers who are common people like you and me. The only difference it these influencers gather a lot of fan following on social media due to their content which can be lifestyle, fitness, motivation, recipes, fashion, makeup, education, tech-driven, and so on so forth. Now these influencers just by the power of their content have the capacity to:

    • Influence the purchasing power decision of their fan and followers. The reason they can affect their decision is because of their authority, position knowledge, and relationship with their fans and followers
    • They can stir the brand at the level of the nice, distinct strata of society with whom the influencer and their content engage with.

    Online influencers are in no way celebrities but in no way are they less than the celebrities for their fans and followers. They have such authority in their niche segments of followers that the people listen to what they have to say, how they act and engage. These influencers are not specific to one city or location they can be anywhere sitting or staying in a small town, countryside, or big metro city. Any person who has more than 10,000 followers becomes an influencer of small scale then the mid-scale influencer will have the followership of 5k to 3,00,000 and then anybody with more than a million of followership is considered in the range of big known influencers. 

    Influencer marketing includes the collaboration between the brand ad these social media or online influencers, where these influencers promote their brand product or their service with the help of creative content which engages their niche of audience in lieu they either get the barter free service, free product, or money in return. Influencer marketing agencies deal with most of these campaigns. Like any other media or marketing agency, an influencer marketing agency works in collaboration with a brand and influencer. They understand the brief from the client and hire the related influencers who are apt to promote the brand's product and services keeping the brand target audience in mind amongst their (influencers) fans and followers which needs to be in sync with the brand target audience. Now these brand promotion or product or service promotion, which is done by these influencers, can be through video content or vector or still picture. The planning of the influencer marketing campaign is done by these agencies in terms of what will work better for the brand viz. a viz. their audience and budget. They decide whether the video promotion will work best or the still and which all social media should; be apt for video and or still promotion. These agencies do a lot of coordination work which taken the burden out of the client's shoulder to ensure the campaign delivers and brands get the worth in terms of the return in investment. Well, now you know what influencer marketing is, and if you need your brand or business to be promoted and looking for an influencer-marketing agency HOLLER US! We will be right here waiting and eagerly waiting to serve you.