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    What Is The Importance And Meaning OF 3D Rendering Or 3D Animation?

    3D Animation Company

    2D is a thing of the past. With virtual shopping and online shopping trends, 3D ensures easy salability points, an increase in customer base, and eventually revenue. When the product has a 3D image displayed online it is easy for a customer to make a fast decision and go for the ‘buy’ option. 3D image happens through the 3D rendering process. It is a process where the information from a 3D model is turned into a 2D image. To make your website and online store eye catchy that also hooks the customer's attention is to take on the 3D rendering services from a good 3D rendering company. Many false sites have 3D animation which engages the customer, just like the 3D animation movies which make it all feel so real. Such 3D animation services can be taken by hiring a 3D animation company. 3D rendering generally involves a few stores:

    3D Modeling: 

    This process involves two main components:

    • Lighting: Lighting involves software algorithms to simulate natural light, as a result of which blur, refraction effects are created.
    • Texturing: Texturing follows Lighting. In this phase, the software maps the texture of the object within the 3D object.

    Rendering: This is where the image is generated. The 3D modeling software converts the model into a high-resolution single image

    Refining: Once the rendering is done the object is fine-tuned with the image appearance and ambiance

    3D rendered image and software, which works on it, helps in the product catalog, product customization, online store. If you wish to revamp your web page or website with special renderings and animation you can call us at 312.442.0352 or email us at Contact@siteitnow.com 

    We can work on software, which can help you with many such special effects in terms of animation and 3D display of your products.

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