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    What is the importance of responsive web design and why your top priority should be mobile-friendly design?

    Responsive web design seems to be trending. Before we tread the water of understanding its significance let us first understand what is responsive design. It is assembling the content of your website in a way for it to scale up or down the content and the elements automatically to match the screen size on which it is being viewed. That way the viewers do not have to put in extra effort in zooming in or out the content to read it.  The main aim of responsive web design is to curtail this extra effort of resizing, zooming, scrolling which happens with the website if it is not optimized for various screens. Now, such un-optimized sites can cost a business many potential customers, as most of the potential customers may end up exiting the sites out of frustration of trying to figure out how to make the website work on their screen, phone, or tabs. In the earlier days, each business used to make a website for the computer/laptop screen and mobile screen. Now, responsive designs have reduced that work and replaced the whole effort of making multiple websites for mobile or multiple screens. With responsive web design, the user has to make only one website that adjusts itself automatically as per the screen size it is being viewed on.

    The significance of the responsive website design is mentioned below:

    • Flexible and adaptable: It automatically adapts itself to the screen size it is viewed on. Besides, any changes in the website can be done in a jiffy. After all, it is just one design you need to change as opposed to multiple websites made for various screen
    • Cost-efficient: Don’t you think making multiple websites for multiple screens and maintaining them is costly? With responsive designs, you have to make one website that adapts to all the screens, saving you loads of money.
    • Search engine optimization: Most businesses use SEO to boost their services and be visible to their target audience. Responsive design helps with SEO. Google prefers websites that are mobile-friendly or optimized for mobile screens. Now, since responsive web designs are mobile-friendly they sure help in ranking. Chicago web design agency SITE IT NOW is known to serve further regarding responsive web design with SEO, as per the needs and demands of the business.
    • Smooth user interface and experience: UI and user experience are crucial for any business. Many businesses lose their potential customer because of the user interface and experience of their website. How do you expect the user to dive deep into your website if they find it difficult to navigate and read the website content because of the font size appearing too small on their screen, or too large, which requires constant adjusting.  Pictures make take forever to load with bad image resolution. The website is the brand image in front of the potential customers. If that first impression is gone well, they would never return. With responsive designs, the content is optimized for all screens with one website the image is optimized automatically as per the screen so the customer doesn't face an issue and keeps browsing if the content is interesting.  At Site It Now ( Chicago web design ) we aim to attract each potential brand customer, to make them revisit the brand's website.
    • Easy to manage: Since it is only one website that adjusts itself as per the screen any updates or changes are to be done on that single website which doesn't take much time. It becomes easy to manage as opposed to changing the same thing on multiple websites made for multiple screens

    Now, since we got the importance of  responsive designs out of our way, is your brain hammered with the question, ‘why mobile-friendly website design?’ There is no doubt that your website computer screen is great but it is no secret kept of you that with everybody having a smartphone in their hands the usage of mobile phone has increased to 80%. Mobile phone media consumption has seen 510% growth between 2012 to 2020. So let us give you the reasons why mobile-friendly website design should be your priority apart from gaining your business a better position in SEO.

    Usage of mobile phones is increasing with each passing day: Mobile phones are handy, from paying to browsing, people prefer their phones to any other screen. Besides, people are always on the go and have no time to waste on opening a new screen, they rather everything to be done through their mobile phones. If your website experience on mobile is poor, the brand image which they will form for your brand or business will be poorly.

    •  Mobile device shopping is ever-growing: As per the data around 80% of the consumers use their mobile phones to shop and now esp. with the pandemic and contactless services around 95% of people use mobile phones at stores. If your services or business website is not easy to be viewed on phone you will miss out on a lot of business
    • Mobile Apps and social media hook the consumer to mobile phones: Since big e-commerce business-like, Amazon has understood the importance of mobile-friendly websites and apps they have launched their apps to attract more potential customers. Social media usage has been ever-increasing on mobile phones. Around 60-70% of traffic comes from mobile devices. Imagine if you were to share your website links through social media you will have a 60% to 70% chance of more traffic on to your mobile-friendly website.
    • Mobile-friendly websites boost SEO:  We have already clarified this one before. So now you know Google prefers mobile-friendly sites and therefore the performance of the mobile-friendly responsive websites are better than the rest, which means the chances of your business to be visible in front of the target audience is high and with better user experience on any screen, esp. mobile the chances of them getting to know your product and services are more. Therefore, the likelihood of buying your product or services to the rest are high. 

    And, did we forget to mention that restrooms are becoming favorite spots for mobile usage activities like browsing, social media, scrolling, searching, and scanning. You better be ready to provide them the best user experience on their mobile devices while they are at it resting. Let us not disturb their resting process by poor user experience. Do you agree? 

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