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    Why a Small Business Should Always Choose WordPress Website Development?

    WordPress Website Development

    Remember the days when any business, especially small business crawled and crept to find website developers to develop their websites and or for other minor updates. With the advent of WordPress, a fantastic Content Management System, gone are the days it seems. Whether a novice or an expert everybody loves WordPress for the facilities it offers. The open library network keeps the themes at the system on auto-updates, which is smart and intuitive. For small businesses WordPress is bliss. It is intuitive, provides themes and customization that even a novice can use and make the website., however, we do suggest taking the help of experts, just in case. With so many plugins, themes, and auto-updates the small business can make their online presence strong across, without spending much money. It is not easy to survive and sustain a business in such a competitive digital world. It requires a strong digital presence. To have a robust online presence the entrepreneurs have to be on top of the game, especially when it comes to their business websites, optimization, and other related duties of managing a website. It can be daunting. Now, WordPress makes it all a click away with intuitive suggestions and customization of themes and layout to enhance the experience of the user Interface. Doesn’t it make a reason enough to choose WordPress for your business? Yes, right? We know that we are in agreement, still, we would like to outline few more benefits to you, whether you are in Chicago or anywhere around the globe as to why choose WordPress for your Website Development.

    Effortless Setup: Well, Well, well, did we not tell you that doesn’t matter if you are a novice, we bet you that even with ‘zero’ experience of website development, you can set up and further make your website in no time WordPress have plenty of automated offers, installation, plugins, themes that are customizable as per your need and demands. Like a painter take out your brush and start painting your canvas, WordPress has all the layout and these for you and it further adapt and beautifies the art you create on its own.

    User-Friendly Interface: One reason why WordPress is highly popular amongst small businesses and laymen is that of its User Interface. It is smooth, with great navigation. All the settings have the description for what is their purpose and the best is the visual editor which allows you to check the changes in real-time.

    Mobile compatible: Making websites in WordPress the best is it just adjust itself according to the platform the website is been viewed. You do not need to overhaul your website to be accessible on tabs or mobile phones, it is automated in WordPress. What bliss, right?

    Integration of Google Analytics: WordPress has integrated Google analytics which helps you in growing business through analyzing the data and impressions for how many visitors from what area and what time visited your website, which month performed more, and much more detailed information. You can use this data and learn about your users and adapt accordingly.

    SEO Friendly: By default, WordPress is SEO-friendly. With many features, which help in the visibility of your content which includes permalinks, metadata, SEO word options and suggestions, image optimization, etc. To top that, WordPress has a plugins option specifically devoted to making your content SEO focused. Further, you can always connect with Site It Now for all your Website development needs and to get your website on top of the search engines such as Google, Bing, and more.

    Social media Integration: WordPress allows you to integrate your social media. So the users and customers can directly look at the thumbnails of your social media posts and if they like they can click on them to go to the respective page.

    Secure and Reliable: In the digital world one thing, which is of utmost, importance is the security of the platforms. The digital world is susceptible to hackers, and other risks and threats. WordPress is open-source and has many developers working day and night to make the network secure.

    E-Commerce features: And you thought it's only for your business and brand image? WordPress allows you to sell your product through the sites. Add plugins like WooCommerce or BigCommerce and turn your website into an online store. Voila!

    A plethora of theme Options:  WordPress offers you a plethora of theme options and layouts, Choose as per your liking amongst the thousands of free themes. However, themes are not customizable many times, so if you want a notch better, and customize the theme as per your taste, WordPress Development Chicago | Site It Now is at your service to make these themes as per your business need, wants, and liking.

    There is hardly anything that you cannot do with this powerful Content Management system. SITE IT NOW "WordPress Development Chicago" helps you in ways you cannot imagine. Ensure that the content, which you write, and images you upload are as smooth and fulfilling your business needs as WordPress satiates it. 

    Site It Now, a Chicago Web Design Company offers WordPress website development, Web Designing, SEO services, mobile app development, and software development that will help you in every step of the process while you decide to choose WordPress or any programming language for all your website development needs. What are you waiting for? GO! Oh, Waiitttt! Let us do it together. Shall we? Schedule Free Consultation