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    Why Job Board Websites Should Be Custom Coded Instead Of Using WordPress Plugins?

    Job Board Website Development

    When it comes to job board websites, there are two main options for development: custom coded or using WordPress plugins. While both have their pros and cons, we believe that custom coding is the better option overall. Here’s why:

    With a custom coded website, you have complete control over the functionality and updates. This means that you can tailor the website exactly to your needs and specifications. WordPress plugins, on the other hand, are limited in what they can do and often require additional customization to work well with your website. With WordPress plugins, you’re limited to what’s available in the plugin directory. Custom coding gives you the ability to add any features or integrations that you need.

    Also, custom coded websites are more scalable than those built with WordPress plugins. As your business grows and your job board website gets more traffic, you’ll need a platform that can handle the increased load. Custom coding provides this scalability, while WordPress plugins may not be able to keep up with your growth.

    Top 5 Reason for Choosing Custom Coding Instead of Using WordPress Plugins

    WordPress Plugins are a great option because they are easy to use, cheap and convenient. However, custom coding is a better option for job board websites that want to take control and can customize it to suit their needs: 

    • First and foremost, custom coding will always give you more control over your website. With a custom coded website, you can make whatever changes you want, whenever you want. With a WordPress plugin, you're limited to the features and options that are available in the customization of plugins. You cannot update WordPress plugins as and when you want otherwise you’ll end up losing all the changes you made for customization. 
    • Second, custom coding will generally result in a more efficient and faster website. WordPress plugins are often bloated with features that you may not need, which can slow down your website. Custom coded websites can be tailored specifically for your needs, resulting in a leaner and faster website.
    • Third, custom coded websites are often more secure than WordPress websites. WordPress is a popular target for hackers. When you custom code your website, you can implement security measures that are specific to your website and not reliant on the security of WordPress itself.
    • Fourth, custom coded websites can be more easily integrated. 
    • Fifth, to make it handy for the users you need to build a mobile app or else you're missing out. WordPress plugins might not be compatible with custom apps, so in case you are looking for mobile app development services for job boards, then your best option is to go with custom coded website.

    Boiling down

    Website Development For Job Boards should be done with custom coding to bring out the true business outcomes for your job board website as well as provides the ability to expand and scale. 

    So hire us as your Job Board Software Development company! We are one of the top Chicago Website Development Company that can provide you with the best possible experience in terms of designing and coding a website. 

    Give us a call at (312) 442-0352 or drop a mail at Contact@siteitnow.com

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