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    Why LinkedIn Lead Generation is Important For Any Business?

    LinkedIn Lead Generation

    LinkedIn is a B2B platform, which enables two businesses to interact with each other while also facilitating business to the consumer by building a brand and its image amongst the professional entity. It is perceived as a B2B platform for professional people. However, it is also a great medium to find the right target group in terms of the brand's consumers. After all the people logged in LinkedIn consume products like any social media audience from consumer durable to real estate, from FMCG to any other electronic and tech gadgets. The difference or the edge LinkedIn provide over other social media platform is the serious crowd who are there for a purpose of doing business and networking. This purpose in itself should be the propeller for any brands to target LinkedIn for their lead generation. Having said that, the restriction which a brand may face on LinkedIn viz. a viz. other social media platform is the reach. The reach-in LinkedIn as compared to the other social media networks is less but the leads out of the small reach are worthwhile.

    Linkedin is perceived to be an expensive platform to promote the brand and reach out to the audience. Well, let’s see if that is the case. LinkedIn as a platform ensure accurate targeting which helps in reaching out to the right target audience. Serious buyers or takers of your services present on the platform can be the potential leads resulting in conversion if not today then later. It provides a smooth Inmail service that is paid but gives the brand and the brand custodian an opportunity to interact with their audience on a one-to-one, through personalized messages. Sponsored ads through Inmail facilitates lead generation. The struggle for a budding entrepreneur or a new business to find a reliable lead, which can turn into conversion, is a tough nut. LinkedIn comes to the rescue by providing the precise target audience for such businesses and entrepreneurs. Brands like Hub spot have generated 300 to 500% of leads using LinkedIn sponsored ads.

    LinkedIn currently has around 600+ million users across the globe. These users are professionals with serious intent. They are not there for fun or consume entrainment news but to network and find opportunities to buy or sell. Now with the features provided by LinkedIn a brand or the brand custodian can reach out to such a target audience. The quality of the leads thus generated is superior. It allows you to publish engaging content, Industry trends, and analysis content, which in turn helps in more footprints making the brand and the custodian a thoughtful leadership. It helps in educating the target audience and in the process, therefore, strengthening the trust.  LinkedIn’s presence in itself is a stamp of reliability and trust. Promoting your business on such a platform helps in a targeted lead generation of high quality, which has a 90% chance of a conversion.

    Who would want o miss out on such a huge opportunity of a 90% chance of conversion?  None, that we are sure of, to put our stamp on.