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    Why Website Builders Are Not Ready For Custom Website Development?

    Website builders are HTML-based editors mostly used by DIY users. Few builders allow customers to use JavaScript and CSS. These are templated and built step by step so that they can be used regardless of your design and coding knowledge. Some of the well-known website builders are Wix, Weebly, Squarespace, etc. Most of the time, when users need a DIY route and have no budget to spend on website building, they use website builders. They do not need any coding knowledge and can be used easily to bring your services or products online fast. They are quick-fix solutions for the users. If you are looking for the following, then do not use website builders:

    • If you are looking for a unique website, as the website builders are mostly templated, they result in generic websites.
    • If you are looking for advanced features like special plugins for online shopping tools, scheduling tools, etc., then website builders are not for you.
    • You have a limited budget or budget to hire a web development company.
    • The SEO of website builders is weak, and if your business depends on SEO, then a custom website development team can help you as website builders won’t be much use.
    • If you need to control the responsiveness of the website, you need to hire a website developer or a team. With website builders, you may limit your responsiveness capabilities to generic functions.
    • If you need custom-made marketing automation, then website builders are not for you. They provide certain integrations, but not all or specific to your needs.

    You need to hire a website development team over a website developer if you are looking for:

    • Quality and uniqueness.
    • Additions to the special features.
    • Solid and strategic UX and UI.

    Website builders are mostly DIY and free, which is why they can be customized to a certain level for websites made by developers. Besides, a custom-made website needs coding knowledge, which a normal user would not have. That is why website builders cannot have custom-made websites. It is a quick-fix solution for users who can do it themselves without spending any money to have their products and services online. For unique, strategic websites for special features, you need to hire a website development company. If you are a local business in Chicago or in the United States and looking for a Chicago Website Development company, we have experts who can help you resolve your objectives. Call us at (312) 442-0352 or email us at Contact@siteitnow.com. You can also visit our website at www.siteitnow.com to learn about our work and experience before we set up a meeting.

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