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    How To Create a Perfect Sales Funnel?

    Before going to create a perfect sales funnel let us first get a little bit of insight on what is sales Funnel?

    A sales funnel helps you track your leads as they move closer to becoming your customer. Therefore by examining your sales funnel you can optimize both your sales and marketing efforts. Mostly the sales funnel is segmented into the top funnel, middle funnel, and bottom-funnel, where the top funnel represents the marketing efforts that lure the customer's attention towards your brand product and services offered. The middle funnel includes all the processes in between the pitching and actual sales, and the bottom funnel is the final sales. The sales funnel helps the brand or the business recognize where the customer is right now in their buying and exploring journey, whether they are a new customer or repeat customer, or loyal old customer. The Sales funnel is significant for your business growth as it gives you a strong knowledge of your customer's buying journey, which can help you identify the gaps and reinvest in making your marketing strategy better.

    More like segmentation of the Sales funnel there are 4 stages of the sales funnel through which the prospect or the potential customer will pass through which includes awareness, of the brand, product, and services., Then the second stage is where the prospect shows interest because they are already aware of the company and or the brand. The decision is the third stage where the prospect decides whether to buy the services or products or not. And the last stage is an action where the prospects buy the product to become the customer. All these 4 stages can be sued to optimize your sales funnel.  

    In order to create a perfect Sales funnel you will have to follow the steps:

    1.    Create a landing page where the potential customer can land after seeing your ad and know more about your company, brand offerings products, services, etc.

    2.    The offering is valuable. For the customer to give out their details you should engage them by giving something valuable which can be some more information about the company or some USP or some benefits.

    3.    While the prospect has already shown an interest it is time for you to nurture the potential customer by giving them engaging content that offers education and more awareness about your brand and the offerings.

    4.    Closing the deal is a crucial stage so offer something to the prospect which they cannot refuse, which means some good discount on the product or services they are planning to buy or thinking to buy. As the chances of the prospect converting to the customer are huge.

    5.    Keep the spirits high and continue the process where if the prospect has become a customer you have to keep the relationship on and engage them further to make them a repeat customer.

    6. Work on optimizing your sales funnel. This is a never-ending job. You have to keep at it. Evaluation of the sales funnel and its performance and understanding the results and using it to further better your marketing strategy and further optimize your sales funnel is crucial and never-ending for the best results in terms of sales and growth of your business.

    Keep testing your offers, and action stage of the sales funnel, much like A/B testing, and see which one performs better and works for your prospects. Accordingly, make an offer and optimize your marketing strategy. Use good apt digital content for the middle sales funnel for better conversion and while they are in the bottom funnel make them feel like the King and the Queens. AND….. your business won't ever stop coming.

    Contact our branding team today at (312) 442-0352 to set up the right landing page or sales funnel for your business.