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    Top 10 Common Facebook Marketing Problems And How to Fix Them?

    Facebook advertising or Facebook marketing has become immensely common these days. With most, of the population being on the social platform and Facebook used as a common platform to connect with near and dear friends, far, and old relatives, or new friends and people; works as the best medium to let the business or brand recall be known amongst the crowd. However, to get the right engagement cost per click (CPC) it is crucial to use the Facebook advertising atoll efficiently for it to be effective. Let us take you through the problems faced during Facebook Marketing or advertising and then offer solutions on how to tackle them and fix them. 

    1. Failure to follow through with the advertising rules of Facebook:

    Facebook has made a certain set of rules for Facebook marketing or advertising, which includes the type of content you are allowed to post, the way you mention the name of the brand, the ratio of text in the ad, etc. If this set of rules are not complied with, Facebook ends up rejecting the ad. 

    Quick Fix: You have to follow the rules and let be assured that your ad will get approved.

    2. Targeting Wrong Audience:

    For a successful Facebook Marketing and advertising, it is important that you target the right set of people who is apt for your brand product or services. Besides, the content of the ad in terms of text, thematic, colors, etc should vibe with your target audience, failing which the results, which you expect from Facebook marketing, will be zilch.

    Quick Fix: Ensure that you have your target audience demarcated and make one ad that has the concerned thematic and content as per the TG, to target one segment of people. If needed bifurcate your TG and make one or two ads to target each set off TG.

    3. Not enthusiastic enough to recommend with your followers:

    The important thing in the social media marketing or Facebook marketing is the ability of the brand to reconnect or connect with its followers. With no such interaction, the existing followers distance themselves from the brand as they feel neglected than included, which leads to the failure of the ad.

    Quick Fix: Engage with your current or existing followers by asking questions, posting better content, taking the survey, and if needed connecting with them in their DM.

    4. Repetitive ads leading to less or no engagement:

    If each content or ad you post on Facebook has the same message in different text or words, it becomes repetitive for the audience. They engage when there is something new to know, learn, or some better offer. Therefore, such ads within a few months or weeks lead to a diminished response by the target audience leading to ad failure.

    Quick Fix: while making an ad or the content of the ad ensure that each as is different and conveys a message in the forms of wither new news, an interesting fact, new knowledge, or some offers, discounts, etc. This will keep your existing audience engaged while you will be able to acquire the new set of audiences and sustain them further.

    5. Retargeting interested users or audience:

    Whenever there is a plan for Facebook advertising or marketing ensure that you have a well-placed marketing strategy in place, which is followed to the ‘T’. All kinds of potential customers can be targeted through Facebook ads if you have a well-placed strategy in hand, otherwise, you may end up losing many potential customers.

    Quick Fix: Use Facebook Pixel to retarget and target the audience who shows some interest in your products or services or visited your website to explore the offerings.

    6. Low rate of conversion:

    Even though your Facebook ad gets a lot of engagement, likes, shares, etc but the conversion rate is low? It happens more than often depending upon your ad relevancy. 

    Quick Fixes: Each ad posted should come with one specific goal targeting one specific crowd or TG.

    7. Trolling:

    If you are not actively weeding out trollers from your business stage the chances of your page or ad failing is high.

    Quick Fix: Block, delete, hide, report inappropriate language, behavior, conversations. Further, set up a guideline for your page and ensure all the users engaging with the page adhere to the guidelines.

    8. Absence of good images:

    As they say, pictures speak a thousand words. If compelling images or good images are missing from your business page, and Facebook ad it will be difficult to gain or capture the attention of the apt target audience you are looking for to engage. Images are the reason for the audience to click and further know more about the services or products offered by the brand.

    Quick Fix: While using images avoid using stock pictures rather than some vibrant, authentic image that captures the brand’s message and effort.

    9. Skipping the A/B Testing:

    Each Facebook ad needs to have unique pictures, distinct message, content, theme, and other elements, as based on that each ad gets a unique response in terms of engagement from the audience. It is, therefore, crucial to do the A/ B testing on your ads.

    Quick Fix: In order to perform an A/B test make two different ads and put them to test to check the response of both. Launch the one with a better response for maximum benefit.

    10. Irritated or frustrated audience:

    The user who is irritated because they have not received a response on their query may end up leaving negative feedback or comments. This behavior means you need to look at your Facebook marketing strategy closely to include such situations

    Quick Fix: Have a well-set-up escalation process to help each customer, user, audience, and potential customer with their queries. Include a FAQ section that is customized as per the queries. You can have a dedicated person to answer the queries, which will help in pacifying such users and or help in not having any such angry customers. 

    To find out more, book an appointment with our Facebook Marketing experts.