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    Web design vs Web development

    Both web designing and Web Development are related to the functioning of a website and are often used interchangeably by people who do not really understand the difference between the two terms. Thus, it is very important to know that web design and Website Development are two very different things. In the simplest terms, wed designing refers to the look and feel of a web page, whereas web development refers to the backend coding and processing required to set up a web page. 

    What does a web design agency do?

    A Web Design Services agency tries to make a website look beautiful, and thus needs to have a great sense of aesthetics as well as knowledge of tools like Photoshop and Coreldraw. Web designers should always keep the branding of the website in their mind, along with the colour tones to be followed. All the information on the page needs to be placed in an organised manner in such a way that the users enjoy browsing it. 

    A good web design company should be able to understand the users’ demographics and website use pattern. It is only then that they would be able to mould their own website accordingly, and thus end up providing an uncomplicated user-friendly experience. 

    Who is a web developer?

    A web developer is responsible for creating a web page from scratch, maintaining it, and ensuring optimal website performance. They need to use their programming knowledge such as Java and SQL to create the basic structure which is then used by the web designer to beautify the webpage. 

    Web developers can be divided into the following categories basis the exact work that they do:

    • Back-end developer: Programming expert who creates the code and whose work is not seen directly by the user. 
    • Front-end developer: Experts who have coding knowledge, but work closely with the web designer to create an outline that the users can actually interact with. 
    • Full-stack developer: Experts in both front and back end developing, and work across different layers of web development. 

    Web designers need to work closely with web developers. Even though both have a different job at hand, they need to work together and work in coordination. It is important for web designers to understand coding language, and also important for web developers to understand what exactly a user would like. 

    How to choose between a web developer and web designer?

    Considering the fact that there are a number of similar things that web designers and web developers do, we need to understand who to select for a particular job. For a server or hosting issues, mobile app development, or to build a new contact form, you would need a web developer. On the other hand, for designing a homepage layout, for editing photos or videos, or for revamping the branding of your website, you would need a web design agency. 

    Even though both web designer and web developer have a different defined role, they work hand in hand, and a good website would require services of both. The web developer would build the basic structure, and the web designer would present that structure to the users using abstract designs, colours and pictures. 

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